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Chesapeake Sailing, EasySea

Flipper - Foldable Winch Handle by EasySea

Flipper - Foldable Winch Handle by EasySea

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Flipper, by EasySea, is the last boat winch handle you will ever need. Flipper is always ready to use, and you will no longer have to look for the handle as it is always on the winch and ready to go.   This is a must-have for single-handed sailors who do not want to keep putting on and taking off the winch handles!  

Thanks to its practical folding system, this handle can remain on the winch even during the most demanding maneuvers without the risk of losing it overboard.

  • Remains closed on the winch when not in use and ready in position when needed
  • 11.8 inches (30 cm) maximum lever
  • The sheet can be easily released without removing the handle
  • Precise maneuvers without effort thanks to its maximum length
  • Less movement means less damage to the winch

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